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May. 26th, 2019 08:37 am
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Anything you want to tell me? Facts I'm getting wrong about the Fallout world? Facts I'm getting wrong about the kid from the vault?

Everything and anything goes here.
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General Information

Name: Mae (Wander)
Canon: Fallout 3
Current Canon Point: Point Three: Post Broken Steel, Point Lookout and The Pitt
Age: 20
House: 1489 Kramden Road
Housemates: Booster Gold (Micheal)

Cut for length )

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[People might have noticed that all Sunday Mae has been replaced by Drone!Mae. Or not because Drone!Mae was a good little housewife and was at home for most of the day, going to church of course. Mae herself wakes up on Monday morning trying to figure where she is right now....]

You have got to be kidding me. This place ..,.again? And I was only gone a day here? ....ugh! I can't believe this place! Oh and speaking of fun. I get to go from almost dying of radiation poisoning here, only to go home and....almost die of radiation poisoning two more times. Seriosuly, coma for THREE weeks that first time. I wasn't supposed to survive that one at all. I thought I was walking into my death.

Oh and if anyone finds me highly irradiating myself to solve a problem ever again? Just kick me okay? Or yell something along the lines of YOU WILL REGRET THIS. I can still taste the rad-away and that stuff is disgusting. ugh.

Also... I really, really, REALLY hate cults. 

And it's late but you know what we should all be thankful for? Clean water. Because it's amazing and not full of radiation.

[A. Home: After that rant Mae is getting a drink of water like she said she was.

B. In the record store poking around. Are you in there too? Mae will flag you down. Yup the girl in armour and with a metal lump on her arm wants your attention. Clearly totally normal.]

Hey, what do you need to play these disc things anyway?
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[A. Action for household: Mae is looking around the destroyed house]

.....Oh wow. It feels more like home already. Wish they'd left me my pip-boy though.

[ B. Action: On the streets of Mayfield, oh dear lord the humanity ....wait what the hell is that woman doing? Ah yes the proud tradition of looting/scavenging. She's got a stick on her back, a knife on her side and is currently examining a pot before tossing it in her bag. If she see's you walking by she'll wave.]

Hey there! How's life in post-apocolyptia treating you?

[C. Checking up on people. Mae's making sure the people she knows are alright. Knocking on doors. Whose door? Your door. She doesn't know you? Well she does now.]

Hey, everyone all right in here?
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Hey Mayfield. I have a question. 

What are your homes like? Not your fake homes here. But your actual homes. The ones you woke up from? Mine's a pretty horrible place but I still miss it.

Anyone want to trade stories?

[A. Mae has regained ONE great new piece of clothing. She has her vault 101 jumpsuit back and is wearing it with pride as she walks down the street listening to the radio on her pip-boy. ie: A strange metal thing on her arm. Totally not out of place at all.

B. Mae is dropping in on people she knows. If She's talked to you before, there's a knock on your door. If you answer the door and have never seen her before, there's a good chance she's lost. All the houses look the same here alright?

C. Mae is in the hardware store. You may have just noticed her pocketing a few rounds of ammo from behind the back of the drone cashier. Er....tell her not to break the law?]
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[After making a trip to the cemetery, Mae runs home and grabs the phone.]

Hey Mayfield? Consider this a PSA. 

If anyone's going to go dig up those bodies, be careful. My Geiger counter went nuts near them. So either they're highly irradiated or they're doing something else to mess with my pip-boy. 

Either way. Radiation sickness is not fun, trust me. So be careful. I'm pretty sure we don't have any rad-away here. And if it's not radiation? 

They're glowing. That's a sign enough to be careful. 

...and that's all I guess. 
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[She wakes in another strange room. With NEW strange clothing. And.....wait go back there...]

What the hell am I wearing?

[Looking around the room now. Trying to ignore the blue clingy dress she has on for some reason.]
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[Well the milk wasn't much fun, but when she goes to the mail Mae finds something that makes running around like a lunatic seem worth it.]

Hey, would anyone be interested in helping me get some ammo? I can't buy it myself because sexism overrules cap-.. money apparently. But I need rounds for a .44 magnum and I'd be willing to buy them off people.

[Action: Unfortunately...or perhaps fortunately Mae has discovered herself in the position of having a job. As a door to door salesman. All in all she preferred working in the clinic.

A. At YOUR door. Yes you.]

Hey, are you interested in buying some of this makeup stuff? 

[B. In the park, practising shooting some bottles down with her gun. She's a pretty good shot. But then you have to learn quickly in the wasteland.]
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 [Seriously Mae is starting to hate this place. Messing with her mind all the time. She can't find a fail safe anywhere and she's homesick for the wasteland. THE WASTELAND. There is something wrong when you wish you were running away from a super-mutant camp. So she's not expecting much for today either. And then she see's the box by the mailbox. With her name on it.

And inside.. .....Pip-Boy Yes. Today you can find Mae:

A. Sitting on the lawn as she puts her Pip-Boy on her arm and starts to examine it.

B. She's sitting in the park. And while she was smiling before, now there are tears running down her face as she listens to a recording of some kind. There's a man's voice coming from the thing on her arm.]

"-I thought about it for a long time, but in the end I decided it was best for you not to know. So many things could have gone wrong and there's really no telling how the overseer will react when he finds out.-"
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 [Okay Mae really, really wasn't having a good day. Brainwashing, this ...What a silly idea. To think something like that could go on in a nice town. ANDALE. Andale was a nice town too and remember what happened there? Yeah. Nice towns weren't except from suspicion.

Her head hurt so much. She grabbed some paper and walked outside.] 

[Afternoon: Mae has a notebook where she is writing herself notes on a bench in the park.
Only slightly insane )
she's muttering as she writes because insanity and all that.]
Walking with a baseball bat on her back to go and see the fireworks. Is this ladylike? She remembers a bat being important somehow. She needs to keep it with her just in case....
In case of what? A radroach attack? That's silly roaches weren't that big...and.  Mae stops on the side of the road and pulls the baseball bat out and gives it a few swings. ....she remembers a dull thud and panic. So much panic]
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 [Fathers day. She knows she should be happy today. After all she had a wonderful family here. At least that's what she felt like today. 
But it was Fathers day and her sadness at the fact that she would never see her father again was eating away at her. Have a quiet voice on the phone Mayfield. ]

Revelations 21:6

"I am Alpha and Omega.  The biginning and the end. I will give unto you that is the fountain of the waters of life.

......Happy Fathers day. 

[And with that she hangs up the phone. It's going to be a long day.


You can find her walking around town today, lost in thought. She's restless, homesick and worried. She wants to find Charon and Dogmeat and just go find some things to shoot. But they're not here and there's nothing to shoot.]

[ooc: Feel free to pester her, men.]
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 [Mae walks up in a bed. That alone is enough to set off alarm bells. She remembers very distinctly going to sleep last night, leaning against a half destroyed wall with a dog next to her. And considering how...well non destroyed the room was looking.... 

She very quickly snuck out of bed and started to look around the house. Grabbing a baseball bat from the small boy's room as she went. Never hurt to have a weapon when you've been kidnapped.  She looks outside.

......well this wasn't good. She quickly goes back inside and get's dressed, interogates some drones and locates the phone.]

Dr. Braun, if you're there. We need to talk because I'm pretty sure being back in this place is impossible considering everyone died last time. 

[And with that she hangs up. She's sure if he is behind this...and who else would be? It's just like last time...though she admits it's ...different and slightly more impossible...that if he was behind it, he'd be calling back to gloat at any moment. Until then.  
Mayfield there is a woman wandering around carrying a baseball bat like a weapon. You can find her.

A. On her lawn examining the grass, or her arm. They...feel more real then the simulation. But there's also colour here, so maybe it's just a tech upgrade. 
B. Going through your mailbox or garbage can. Hey, who knows what valuables you might have thrown this bottle cap, score!
C. Interrogating young drone girls at the playground. Seriously, which one of you is in charge here?
D. Looking through windows of peoples houses to see if they're abandoned. Aka: where the hell is the failsafe to this place] 
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Information Post

Character Name: Mae Wander
Character Series: Fallout 3 
Character Age: 19

That kid from Vault 101 )


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